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How to 10x Augmented Reality Game Development?

With the AR market estimated to reach a value of $50 billion by 2024, it’s clear why game development has quickly adopted the technology. But why this high-end technology is so popular? This article will discuss the key AR technology trends and how you can use these trends to take your AR Gaming Experience to the Next level.
But first, let’s discuss why Augmented reality game development is becoming highly popular among developers.

The Popularity of Augmented Reality Game Development: The Rise of AR Gaming Mobile Apps

Anything that provides high value and compatibility with mobile devices is bound to convert more. Why do you ask? 50% of gamers play games on mobile devices. And if their mobile gives them an immersive gaming experience, they get a high-value and less costly gaming experience than other devices.
Thus, many mobile gaming apps produce immersive video games that engage their audience with high-value and easily accessible experiences.

High Value + Easy Compatibility = More Conversion

AR technology has become a game changer for the gaming industry, quite literally. With the ability to bring virtual objects to life, AR games are transforming the gaming landscape.
But it’s not just the gaming industry that benefits from this technology. Many businesses are jumping on the AR bandwagon to increase the visibility of their products.
By creating immersive AR games centered around their products, businesses can attract customers and provide them with a unique experience that traditional advertising simply can’t match.
And the cherry on top is when one Incorporates different mediums of extended reality, such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, into mobile game applications. It takes the user experience to a whole new level.
  • battling virtual monsters in your backyard
  • Adjusting the game’s difficulty based on your playing patterns.
These advancements provide a more interactive experience for players and open up new opportunities for game developers to push the boundaries of what is possible. Now, let’s discuss what type of games developers create that give players a hook to keep returning for more.

The Types of AR Games

AR games are a great way to merge the virtual and physical worlds, providing an engaging experience for users. There are many different types of AR games, each with unique benefits and features.

Adventure Games

Games like Pokemon Go captivate millions of users with their unique ability to create a fusion between the virtual and real world. Unlike traditional video games, adventure games allow players to explore their surroundings physically while interacting with the game.
This integration has created a technical marvel, allowing individuals to experience games like never before. These adventure games engage users using GPS-enabled mobile devices, making the world the game board.
So, whether you’re discovering rare Pokemon in a park or solving riddles spread across a city, adventure games like Pokemon Go offer endless excitement, making them an entertaining option for those looking to experience thrills in the modern age.

Sports Games

The world of sports has always been a crowd favorite, and now with the integration of augmented reality (AR), it’s set to become even more exhilarating.
Enthusiasts will relish the opportunity to engage with their preferred sports in an entirely new dimension. Imagine playing a basketball game, with players jumping out of the screen and into your living room. Setting up a virtual football pitch where users can dodge around AI-driven defenders to score a touchdown.
With the immersive experience that AR provides, fans can get as close to the games as possible without ever leaving their homes. It’s safe to say that AR will provide sports aficionados with an unparalleled level of interactive engagement.

Exercise Games

The interactive fitness genre is a game-changer for those who want to incorporate fun and fitness into their routines. This AR application provides an immersive gaming experience to help users stay motivated and engaged while getting in shape.
Exergames have been proven to be an effective way to increase physical activity levels, and Interactive fitness genres take this concept to the next level. The app is tailored to a specific niche of users looking for a unique way to combine their passions for gaming and fitness.

Role-playing Games

Role-playing games have always been a popular genre among gamers, and with the rise of augmented reality, they have become even more engaging. AR technology allows users to enter the game’s world and experience it in a new way.
By combining the immersive nature of role-playing games with AR’s intuitive interface, game developers can create a truly unique and captivating user experience. The ability to explore the world and interact with game elements in a realistic way can increase user engagement and make for an unforgettable gaming experience.

What are the Benefits of AR Games in Business?

As gaming continues to evolve, more and more companies are turning towards augmented reality (AR) to enhance the player experience.

Interactive Experience

Through AR, users can enter fictional worlds and impact events, making the gameplay more meaningful and immersive than traditional games. The ability for players to identify with characters and experience emotions based on their choices within the game world adds to the level of engagement and enjoyment.
While AR technology provides these capabilities, it’s important to have the assistance of AR development companies to ensure you’re delivering the exact experience you want for your users.

AR and Social Media

As technology advances, combining AR games with social media is becoming more popular among players. With the addition of

  • Multiplayer options,
  • Voice commands,
  • Geolocation features,
The possibilities for AR games are endless.
Social media giants like Instagram are developing new features like voice recognition in filters. This new function could allow for interactive quizzes that will read and grade users’ answers for correctness.
With multiplayer options, people can join battles or races with AR games utilizing the front camera and surface tracking in their living room or popular city squares. The future of AR games is bright, and integrating social media will only enhance the gaming experience.

Mini AR Games: Self-branding for multiple industries

In the age of short attention spans, “self-brands” are turning to mini AR games as a new way to promote their products and services.
Famous artists, musicians, and media companies utilize these games to attract extra attention from their audiences and even the media.
These mini-games provide entertainment and allow for the distribution of promotions that can increase brand visibility. With their unique appeal, it’s no surprise that mini AR games are now considered a popular tool for self-promotion.
With the right game and strategy, self-brands can capture their audience’s attention effectively.

Best Augmented Reality Game Development Tools to Bring Your Creative Vision to Life

AR Foundation

AR Foundation is a game changer for developers seeking to create immersive augmented reality experiences. With its multi-platform capabilities, Unity users can easily enable AR features using manager components, making deploying your creations across multiple devices possible.
The beauty of AR Foundation lies in its ability to utilize the native AR SDK of your platform, allowing you to create once and deploy everywhere.
So, whether you want to create a realistic cityscape or an interactive game, AR Foundation can bring your wildest AR dreams to life.

Unity MARS: The possibilities are endless

When it comes to creating augmented reality (AR) apps, developers know there are a lot of difficult challenges to face. That’s where Unity Mars comes into play, helping overcome these obstacles of authoring for dynamic physical environments.
This state-of-the-art platform helps to:
  • Streamline app creation,
  • Reduce development time,
  • Cross-platform support for iOS, Android, and HoloLens applications.
With Unity Mars, developers can truly push the limits of what’s possible and deliver applications that capture the imagination of users.

The XR Interaction Toolkit: A package to create an immersive reality

The XR Interaction Toolkit may sound like something from a sci-fi movie, but it is a real software package that creates immersive VR and AR experiences. This high-level, component-based system provides a framework that makes creating 3D and UI interactions from Unity input events easy.
Its core consists of Interactor and Interactable components, which work together through the Interaction Manager. But what sets the XR Interaction Toolkit apart are its additional locomotion and visual effects components.
From basic object hover and selection to haptic feedback and line rendering, this toolkit offers robust features that can be used across multiple platforms.
However, expert AR developers are a must-have when it comes to developing any app solution that requires Augmented Reality integration.

Why RevvLab for Augmented Reality Game Development?

RevvLab, the AR game development company is making a difference — helping companies to transform their gaming environments.
Why RevvLab for Game development?

There are many reasons why RevvLab is the best augmented reality game development company.

  • AR Game Developers: With the use of high-tech tools and platforms, our AR development company experts can design and develop immersive experiences that take gaming to the next level.
  • Robust Gaming Engine: We leverage platforms like Unity 3D. With its cutting-edge technology and immense popularity, the gaming engine is a solid choice for those seeking top-of-the-line AR games.
  • QA Testing: We use the latest testing tools and techniques to rigorously test every aspect of your product, from its functionality to its usability.
  • Maintenance and Support: We understand that even after the launch, you may encounter issues that require our attention. Our team is always ready to provide prompt and efficient support so you can concentrate on your core business activities.

Final Words

With carefully designed mobile game app solutions extending Augmented Reality experiences, you can reap the rewards of downloads and great conversions for your business.
Now you know why AR is essential for creating the perfect gaming experience. It’ll help you attract premium users and increase profits for your gaming apps.
So more than ever, it’s time to take your AR gaming experience to the next level! Move beyond just 3D animations and make something extraordinary with Augmented reality.

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