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The Ultimate Guide to the 10 Best Copywriting Books for 2023

So, you want to craft copy that captures attention and compels action? Copywriting is a blend of art and science that you need to become better at your craft. To learn, you need credible resources that help you uplift your skills. So, where do we start? 

The answer is the best copywriting books based on the learning and experiences of credible copywriters. Because learning from other’s experiences is the fastest way to learn and improve. 

With so many resources out there, which ones truly stand out? We have done the homework for you. This guide will discuss key concepts of the ten best copywriting books for 2023. 

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Ready to elevate your writing prowess? Let’s dive in.

Copywriting Books

The Copywriter's Handbook

Diving deep into the essence of effective copywriting, Bly’s The Copywriter’s Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Copy That Sells by Robert Bly goes beyond just words on a page. It pushes you to see yourself as a salesperson who crafts compelling narratives from behind a keyboard.

Key Insights to Transform Your Copy

  • Crafting headlines that not only grab attention but hold it.
  • Techniques to ensure your copy flows, keeping readers hooked from start to finish.
  • The art of starting a sales letter, making the first impression count.

Embrace Bly’s wisdom and discover how to write with urgency and uniqueness, propelling your products into the spotlight. This comprehensive guide covers the basics and beyond, providing practical advice for all types of advertising copy.

Scientific Advertising

Have you ever stumbled upon an old tome and realized that, despite its age, it brims with contemporary wisdom? Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins is that kind of classic. 

While its pages might echo with terms from another era, the core of its messaging is unparalleled and startlingly relevant in today’s digital age. That’s why it’s no surprise that it comfortably sits on the list of best copywriting books.

Bulleted brilliance from Hopkins includes

  • Long-form Magic: While we’re often told less is more, Hopkins champions the power of long-form copy. The deeper the message, the deeper the connection.
  • Personality Matters: In a world swamped with brands, how do you stand out? Develop a unique brand personality, and you’re halfway there.
  • Trust in Proof: Bold claims? Back them up. Social proof isn’t just a buzzword. It’s the bedrock of credibility.

David Ogilvy, a legend in his own right, was smitten by Hopkins’ insights, insisting that everyone in advertising should dive into this book not once but seven times. Why? Because Hopkins simplifies the core of advertising – it’s about selling, not just telling. 

And while the language might have an old-world charm, the strategies? They’re as fresh as tomorrow’s headlines, making it one of the best books on copywriting one can get their hands on. 

If you’re seeking the essence of copywriting books, this classic should be on your reading list.

Made to Stick

Digital algorithms are weird where some ideas get attention while the others fade. The answer might be closer than you think in the enlightening pages of Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive, and Others Die by Chip Heath & Dan Heath. Although it might not be a typical candidate for the best copywriting books, its lessons are gold for anyone in the game.

Diving deep into human psychology, the Heath brothers unravel the magic behind memorable ideas. 

They serve it up not in jargon but in a deliciously engaging way:

  • Attention Grabbers: How do you get your audience to sit up? The Heath Brothers have a framework for that!
  • From Browsers to Buyers: It’s not just about catching the eye but reeling them in. Their insights help convert casual onlookers into action-takers.

Made to Stick is your backstage pass to crafting ideas that stick. While its title may not scream copywriting,  this book unquestionably ranks among the best for its profound grasp on shaping ideas that linger. 

If you are ready to transform your writing from ordinary to extraordinary, give this copywriting book a quick read.


This book is a  seminal text about the psychological triggers that get people to say “yes.”  It talks about the psychological play of how suddenly you feel compelled to make a purchase, even when you swore you wouldn’t.

The enigmatic realm of persuasion is expertly dissected in Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini. And trust us, this isn’t just another title in the vast list of copywriting books—it’s a classic that stands tall.

Drenched in anecdotes and fortified by science, this book is a deep dive into the very fibers of human behavior. It’s not just about knowing, it’s about understanding. Why did you nod in agreement or flash that credit card? 

Cialdini Has the Answers

  • Reciprocation: The pull of a given-take world.
  • Consistency: Our deep-seated need to act in line with our words.
  • Social Proof: If everyone’s doing it, it must be right… right?
  • Liking: The underestimated power of affinity.
  • Authority: The influence of figures we look up to.
  • Scarcity: Oh, the allure of the elusive!

While it might not scream copywriting in neon letters, it’s a goldmine for anyone looking to craft irresistible copy. This isn’t just a book if you aim to become a compelling copywriter. It’s an investment. 

Cialdini’s expertise offers more than just knowledge—it’s a toolkit for books on copywriting, and it’s no surprise that it’s revered in the copywriting books circle. 

Dive in, and you’ll never see the world the same way again.

Breakthrough Advertising

In advertising, there are reads, and then there are classics that define generations. Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz firmly sits in the latter category.

Tagged often as the best copywriting book, it transcends conventional wisdom. Schwartz’s central philosophy? You can’t conjure demand from thin air but can expertly direct it. 

Through his lens, advertising is about aligning products seamlessly with deep-seated human desires.

Key Learnings

  • Harnessing Demand: Don’t create; channel.
  • Stages of Awareness: A deep dive into the nuances of consumer consciousness.

Even though it originated in 1966, its teachings are ever-pertinent in today’s direct-response marketing world. Revered as the best book on copywriting, it’s an essential staple among the best books for copywriters. 

Obtaining a copy might be challenging, but it’s an invaluable tool in your advertising arsenal once acquired. 

Dive into Schwartz’s world and redefine your advertising prowess.

Wired for Story by Lisa Cron

If you’re venturing into the world of copywriting books, Wired for Story by Lisa Cron is an unparalleled guide. Ranking among the best copywriting books, it’s not just about weaving tales but deeply comprehending why they resonate so profoundly.

Key Insights

  • Brain Behind the Book: Discover the neuroscience that activates when we immerse ourselves in an enthralling narrative.
  • When Science Meets Story: Understand the synergy where engaging storytelling harmonizes with our cognitive processes.
  • From Theory to Tactics: Decode the science to derive actionable strategies for impactful copywriting.

A cornerstone among copywriting books for beginners, it charts a clear path toward mastering narrative-driven persuasion. 

If you’re sifting through the best books to learn to copywrite, Cron’s masterpiece stands tall. 

Everybody Writes

As digital spheres expand and traditional marketing recedes, Everybody Writes by Ann Handley champions the significance of stellar copywriting in the contemporary landscape. 

Heralded as one of the eminent copywriting books, it sheds light on the core tenets of compelling online writing.

Pivotal Insights

  • Storytelling Supreme: Dive into the art of genuine storytelling and make authentic connections.
  • Audience Alchemy: Foster profound bonds by truly empathizing with your audience’s needs and desires.
  • Journalistic Integrity: Forge content that’s not only engaging but also trustworthy, leveraging time-tested journalistic values.
  • Tailored Outreach: Master the nuances of crafting personalized sales emails that resonate.
  • Handley’s proposition is clear: In the vast expanse of the internet, we’re all copywriters. Everybody Writes arms you with the tools to do it masterfully, wrapped up in Handley’s unmistakable style.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

Step into the ring of social media warfare with Vaynerchuk’s heralded copywriting book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. Gary, a social media expert, unfolds his strategy like a boxer’s precision: weave and dodge with jabs, then deliver that knockout punch – your competition won’t see it coming.

While the digital landscape shifts like quicksand, making some of his 2013 insights feel a tad vintage, the book’s essence remains timeless. It’s not just about fleeting trends; it’s about the art of curating compelling copy tailored for each social platform.

Key Punches

  • Strategic Combat: Understand the nuance between jabs (engaging content) and the right hook (sales-driven content).
  • Platform Prowess: Navigate the subtleties of distinct social media platforms for delivering impactful copy.
  • Adaptive Playbook: The digital game may evolve, but Vaynerchuk’s principles arm you to adapt and conquer.

For those aiming to be the best in the copywriting arena, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook is more than just a book, it’s a masterclass. 

Ogilvy on Advertising

David Ogilvy, with this seminal copywriting book is not just about practicing the craft, but redefine it, setting the stage for modern advertising.

Ogilvy on Advertising isn’t just a manual, it’s an immersion into the ad world’s pulsing heart. Want a VIP backstage pass to understand successful campaigns? 

This is your golden ticket.

Key Glimpses

  • Origin Story: Delve into the roots of copywriting with one of its original trailblazers.
  • Blueprint Breakdown: Understand the architecture of successful ads from concept to creation.
  • Agency Avenues: Explore the inner workings of advertising agencies and their formula for victory.

For the aspirants looking to not just dip their toes but plunge into the depths of advertising, Ogilvy’s words are a beacon. It’s not just one of the best books for copywriters, it’s a legacy.

The Adweek Copywriting Handbook

Within the vast landscape of copywriting books lies a true jewel: The Adweek Copywriting Handbook. Authored by the maestro Joseph Sugarman, it’s not merely a guide but a close companion for every severe copywriter. 

While it carries the weight of age and criticizes platforms like social media, its essence remains undiluted and invaluable.

Unmissable Insights

  • Timeless Tactics: Sugarman’s strategies, evergreen in their efficacy, adapt seamlessly across diverse mediums.
  • Desk-side Buddy: Its utility ensures it always finds a spot in your workspace within arm’s reach.
  • Tactical Treasure: The book isn’t just wisdom, it’s a practical toolkit dissecting the anatomy of compelling copy.

Though it might have an old-school charm, dismissing it would be folly. This book stands tall among the best copywriting tomes, offering the perfect blend of strategy and soul.

Final Words

Different approaches offer unique perspectives, tools, and strategies that can elevate your craft. Whether it’s the pioneers’ classic teachings or modern mavens’ dynamic techniques, each style presents its own set of merits. 

By embracing these diverse methodologies, you refine your skills and expand your arsenal, ensuring your copy resonates with a broader audience. 

Ready to put these approaches into action? 


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